Our Tours: (from 3 to 21 days)

Tours for closed groups. Associations, clubs, family friends, organizations, companies etc.















Tours of Scotland for Small Groups
8 - 12 people

These types of tours are for those who want to have a holiday in Scotland with relatives and friends.

The maximum freedom of movement will provide you with the unique opportunity to stop and see what want and when you want, exploring the parts of Scotland based on your personal interests and curiosities.

Our Services include:
- Transfers from/to Airport/Hotel (Scotland).
- Hotels accommodation.
- Transportation (Car/People carrier/Minibus)
- Daily tailor made itinerary of where to go and what to see.
- Easy to follow, road map of Scotland.
- Literature of Scotland in your own language.
- Other services, on request.

With Driver - Guide
If you don't want to have worries about driving in a foreign country and prefer total relaxation, we can provide you with the assistance of one of our "Driver/Guide"in addition to the above services already mentioned. Our "Driver/Guide" will take you around Scotland, where do you want and when do you want.
Our driver/guide will be at your complete disposal, from the early morning to the late afternoon of every day and will also assist you in your shopping and as your personal translator/interpreter, if required.

We take this opportunity to remind you that the traffic in Scotland is nearly non-existent…

But there are some exceptions…………………













Tours for Schools , Colleges & Universities

Tours for students all year around with accommodation in Scottish hostels. The Scottish Hostels have great places to stay also for all the family. It's a fun, friendly, safe way to holiday and good value. Bring learning life with an educational tour.

Tours are tailored to your school requirements. Everything is organized, from accommodations to activities


"Bringing learning life with an educational tour"











Tours for families
(2 Coaches & 2 Itineraries)

Sometimes family holidays can be complicated. Mum and Dad want to have some time on their own, and want to discover the culture and custom's of the country they are visiting. This could perhaps be uncomfortable for teenagers that would like a holiday with friends of their own age and enjoy a holiday in a different way.

Don't worry we can arrange the same holiday with different programs & itinerary, one for mum & dad and one for your children.













Magical Mystery Tours


You know that you are going to Scotland... but you don't know what you are going to see or what you are going to do. Each day is a surprise and each new place a discovery.


This particular package is suited to people who have never been to Scotland before.













The best reason for a honeymoon is for the rest and relaxation. The rigours of wedding planning are one of the most stressful event in your life. Do not treat your honeymoon like a vacation, it is a time unlike any other. You are starting life as a husband and wife, not merely living together. This is your time to bond, set out in a new direction and renew your romance.

Choosing Scotland for you honeymoon, with its breathtaking scenery and beauty is probably the best way to rest and relax.


In Scotland your honeymoon will never end.












Tours for Disabled People & Senior Citizens

Scotland has a growing number of holiday structures for disabled people and Senior Citizens. From attractions, hotel accommodations, restaurants, shops etc.


Our tours for the disabled are designed in order to provide maximum comfort . One of our representatives will assist the group for the full duration of the tour in order to ensure that you enjoy your stay in Scotland.

Scottish people always say "impossible". is only a word.












Whisky Tours

A tour of Scotland mostly on visiting distilleries, whisky tasting, cuisine with whisky, history and information about whisky. Whisky known by the Scots for centuries as "the water of life".



"There are few things as beautiful as a glass bottle filled with deep amber whisky.

Liquor shines when light hits it, reminescent of precious things like jewels and gold.

But whisky is better than some lifeless bracelet or coronet.

Whisky is a living thing capable of any emotion that you are.

It's love and deep laughter and brotherhood of the type that bonds nations together.

Whisky is your friend when nobody else comes around.

And whisky is solace that holds you tighter than most lovers can."












Tailor Made Tours


We design programs and itineraries of tours around Scotland in relation to all the client's needs. Tell us what you would like to see and do and we will put together a package.

"It's as simple as that"












Tours for VIP


From the red carpet to dining in style every night with traditional Scottish music.


Tell us how VIP you are and we will match it with our Scottish hospitality.












Company & Conference Tours

Coming to Scotland for business? A conference? Why not enjoy it at the same time?

Conference & Corporate Hospitality Scotland boasts a wealth of unique and exciting venues, where conference, business entertaining, product launches and corporate away days can be given that extra special dimension.

Many more situated in impressive city center locations, others are set in romantic or rugged Scottish countryside.


  • Seeking suggestions for entertaining your clients?
  • Want to impress your key clients?
  • Seeking a castle for a VIP Board meeting?

    We can help & assist you with the following:


      Conferences - Private dinner parties - Banquets - Wedding ceremonies - Product launches -Management conferences - Architectural & art seminars - Promotions - Receptions - Gala dinners - Musical evenings - Corporate events - Exhibitions - Dinner dances - TV & Film productions - Corporate sailing programs - Conferences at both national & international level - Outdoor & indoor sport activities - Multilingual staff - Charity events - Casino night - Entertainment - Sales meeting.

      The ultimate Scottish Experience for your clients













Scotland is known all over the world as the home of Golf.

Golf could be described as a national obsession in Scotland since 1567, Mary Queen of Scots was playing it in East Lothian, near Edinburgh.

For those who love golf, the Royal and ancient game is a way of life. Every golfer relishes the challenge of new and different courses and in Scotland there is a greater opportunity to seek them out, than anywhere else in the world.

In every corner of Scotland there are golf courses, from historic links to remote courses of incredible splendour. It is not possible, in the space available to list all the golf courses, there are simply too many. There are more than 400 golf courses in Scotland of which 326 have 18 holes.

One of the most exciting aspects of golf in Scotland is that there is always another course around the corner, offering new challenges and new friends. We suggest that you play in more than one course so that you can enjoy some of the most beautiful spots of Scotland at the same time.

Scotland golf courses are renowned for their beauty, from the rugged East Coast links to the Lowland landscape. Choose one of the courses from Carnoustie to the glorious old course of St. Andrews.

Also available is midnight golf, which is a rare pursuit exclusive to the northern isles of Scotland.












Filming & Photographic Tours

No doubt, Scotland has some of the most beautiful countryside in the world.


Its wildlife, the magic beauty of the highlands, an infinite number of islands and their astonishing under water scenery, attracts many professional photographers, TV & film crews all year around who come here, from all over the world, to capture these rare images of Scottish nature.


We can plan your itinerary and our guides will take you to the most beautiful landscapes you have ever seen.












Bird Watching in the Highlands of Scotland

Scotland is a paradise for the bird watcher. The Highlands and islands of Scotland offers something to every kind of bird watcher. We have islands, sea cliffs and estuaries, vast moors, huge flows and peatlands, old Caledonian pines and many new forests.

Wildness and freedom of the open spaces is a tremendous attraction in every period of the year.













Diving in Scotland

Scotland is a diver's paradise, a northern marine jewel rich in sea life, shipwrecks and astonishing under water scenery. From the west to the north of Scotland there is an immense selection of sites to discover. From the Inner Hebridies to the Orkney and the Shetland islands Scotland has more than 800 isles and approximately only 100 of them are inhabited.

Exclusive to Scotland is the beautiful Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands. Just before the end of the Second World War, as 57 ships of the German Grand fleet were sunken here. This place has known as the most spectacular site in Europe for divers and is waiting to be discovered by you in the clean waters and unspoiled environment of Scotland.

We can provide all your requirements for diving in Scotland.













Scotland has over 600 square miles of inland lochs and countless rivers with salmon & trout. Game Fishing Scotland's wealth of waters has created the finest fishing in Europe for salmon and Trout within its famous rivers such as the Tweed, Spey, Tay, Dee. Coarse Fishing

Scotland specialises in scenic unspoiled rivers and lochs, for much of the time visitors may feel that they have the water all to themselves. Sea Angling Scotland has perhaps the most varied and the most beautiful coastline in the world. The shingle beaches, sandy bays, sea lochs, cliffs and coves and rocky headlands provide a vast spectrum of marine habitats.

We can arrange tailor made fishing excursion across Scotland for groups, including fishing partners.

Our fishing holidays include accommodation, private transportation during your stay, fishing permits and if required, expert tuition.













Hunting in Scotland is well renowned throughout the world. It takes place on open heather-covered hill land and immense woodland and is carried out in a way, which is unique to Scotland and its sporting traditions. Thousands of visitors come from abroad every year to explore these traditions and to experience the excitement of this sport.

Scotland has many hunting specialties to offer to the sportsman and woman and applies a traditional formula to enhance its country sport in order that visitors will appreciate the history and custom, which provide high quality sport in a well-managed environment rich in wildlife and breathtaking scenery.


Shooting Seasons in Scotland are indicated by a solid red band in the table below. For example, the Pheasant Season runs from the 1st October - 1st February (inclusive).

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